Again, from the Top! (SANCA Staff Show)

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a circus show? Again, from the Top! is an insider’s look at the backstage shenanigans of a troupe on the edge as the cast and crew frantically prepare for the final dress rehearsal of Cirque N’importe Quoi. Artistic temperaments pique as the tyrannical director places impossible demands on the long-suffering stage manager and anyone else in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This exciting collaboration of circus artists includes performances by A Unicycle Built for Two (Wendy Allen & Nick Harden), the Russian Bar Hoppers (Marta Brown, Nick Harden & Erica Rubinstein), Zora Blade, Joselynn Engstrom (Dream Science Circus, Luni Bin Productions). Andreas Fetz, Alyssa Hellrung (AerLift, Moisture Festival, Circus of Dreams), Tara Jensen, Elizabeth Landsman, Nicholas Lowery (O!Circus), Jasmine Manuel, Nickolai Pirak, Kari Podgorski (Circus Contraption, Seattle Opera’s Pagliacci, Teatro ZinZanni), Rachel Randall, and Megan Strawn.

The show includes an amazing variety of traditional and modern circus arts, including tightwire, unicycle, Russian Bar, aerial arts, juggling, crazy office-chair acrobatics, and more.

Office-chair Ensemble Acrobatics choreographed by Rachel Randall (RandALL Dance Company). Live music and arrangements by Nicholas Lowery and Elizabeth Landsman.