SASS! – SANCA’s Annual Spring Showcase

Celebrate spring at the SCHOOL OF ACROBATICS & NEW CIRCUS ARTS’ (SANCA’s) Annual Spring Showcase–SASS!

Each May SANCA presents a showcase of unique, circus-variety performances with students, alumni, staff, and friends of SANCA. For one weekend only, you can see three super exciting circus shows, each featuring a different line up of spectacular local and internationally renowned circus artists alongside SANCA’s tremendously talented student performers.

With festive musical accompaniment by Doc Sprinsock & the SANCApators, audiences will be treated to daring displays of acrobatics, high-flying aerials, rolling globe ensembles, contortion, juggling, and more!

The Saturday May 19th 3pm show includes: Graeme & Lori- Risley, Katalin – Slackline, Patty – Sling, Hazel – Solo Trapeze, Courtney – Tissu, Audrey – Tightwire, Circus 1-ders – Acro, Circus 1-ders – Beach Balls, Magnificent 7 – Rolling Globe, Aidan & Ian – Juggling, Emma & Sydney – Duo Acro, Nick & Wendy – Unicycle, Alyssa & Ellie – Duo Trap, Russian Bar Hoppers.

The Saturday May 19th 7-m show includes: Megan & Brandon – Duo Acro, Jonathan – Aerial Rope, Jasmine – Tightwire, Dr. Calamari & Acrophelia- Duo Acro, Zora – Handbalancing, Alyssa & Aidan & Steven  – Rolling Globe, Ben – Clown, Alyssa & Ellie – Duo Trapeze, Lyla – Aerial Tissu, Ellie & Ciona & Hannah – Acro Trio, Russian Bar Hoppers, Nick & Wendy – Unicycle, Graeme & Lori – Risley, Aria – Aerial Hoop.

The Sunday May 20th 3pm show includes:
Saffi – Contortion, Saffi & Margaret – Duo Hoop, Magnificent 7 – Mini Tramp, Reed – Chinese Pole, Emma – Tissu, Eloise & Emma – Tightwire, Anna – Juggling, Alyssa – Solo Trapeze, Caroline, Julaine, Ruby, & Rose – Triple Trapeze, Julaine – Globe, Nickolai – Juggling, Ruby & Caroline – Partner Acro, Hannah – Handbalancing, Sophia – All Trades