Wasting Away

Wasting away tells the exciting and bizarre story of an idyllic small town that is slowly overrun by their accumulation of garbage. Seemingly oblivious to their predicament the town carries on with its joyous and acrobatic daily routine until the problem becomes too big to ignore. Full of humour and heart, this show presents an action-packed tale of conflict, growth, and cooperation that simultaneously offers social commentary and manages not to take itself too seriously.

Wasting Away includes all-new original acts on the Chinese pole, high flying partner acrobatics, tumbling, aerial fabric, contortion, club juggling, aerial rope, clowning, and much more.
Wasting Away is created and devised by the Directors and members of Cirrus Circus, with additional dance choreography by Rachel Randall, aerial choreography by Bridget Gunning, costume design by Milla Voellinger, set by Morgan Sobel, acrobatics consulting from Jacob Skeffington and select originally composed music by Tristan Moore.

Erica Rubinstein, Cirrus Circus Managing Director

Arne Bystrom, Cirrus Circus Assistant Director