IMPulse Circus Collective presents Figments

FIGMENTS.poster.v2IMPulse Circus Collective, a Seattle-based circus troupe founded in 2013, will debut a new contemporary circus show as a part of the Moisture Festival. Shows will be at Broadway Performance Hall in Capitol Hill on April 10-12. This exciting, acrobatic show is appropriate for audiences of all ages.

Figments transports the audience into a world populated by imaginary friends that have been forgotten by the children who imagined them. This quirky group of imaginary friends must navigate the real issues of finding a place to belong in a make-believe world. Performers fly through the air and showcase amazing feats of acrobatic grace, strength, and beauty as they weave a whimsical tale.

IMPulse Circus Collective, artists-in-residence at Seattle’s School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts, presented their first self-titled show in 2013, and returned in 2014 with their production entitled Bonkers. Members of IMPulse Circus have performed on stages and in circus rings throughout the world. They draw inspiration from the worlds of contemporary circus, vaudeville, and theater to create accessible and exciting circus shows.

Featuring artists Arne Bystrom, Emma Curtiss, Jasmine Manuel, Jonathan Rose, Marta Brown, Nick Harden, Reed Nakayama, Wendy Harden, and Zora Blade.

April 10 & 11 @ 7:30pm, April 13th @ 3pm

Tickets are $10 for youth, $15 for seniors, and $25 for adults. Tickets can be found at
More information about IMPulse Circus Collective can be found at