SASS – SANCA’s Annual Showcase Spectacular!

November 15-17 at Broadway Performance Hall


Every year SANCA presents a showcase of unique circus performances featuring students, alumni, staff, and friends. This showcase is one weekend only: we hold four shows, each featuring a different line up of spectacular local and internationally renowned circus performers alongside SANCA’s tremendously talented student performers.

SANCAs Annual Showcase Spectacular (SASS) is a community showcase of all the hard work it takes to create new acts. Our students and staff spend months developing skills, and focused rehearsals in all of September work-shopping performances in perpetration for the Showcase. Audiences will be treated to daring displays of acrobatics, high-flying aerials, juggling, and much more!

Friday evening, and the Saturday & Sunday matinee community shows have advance ticket prices of $18 Adult & $12 Youth 17 and under. Door prices are $20 Adult and $15 Youth 17 and under. Performers will include SANCA’s own Youth Performance Companies Cirrus Circus, Nimbus Circus, and Stratus Circus, along with members of our staff, students, & alumni, and guest performers.

ONE EVENING ONLY — The Saturday evening show is a dedicated fundraiser to help support all of SANCA’s programs, including youth programming and youth scholarships.

Saturday night will feature exclusive guest artists in addition to SANCA’s Youth Performance and Social Circus Troupes. Look for appearances by Terry Crane, Acrobatic Conundrum, aerialist Vivian Tam, and other special guests!

Ticket prices for Saturday night are $30 Adult & $15 Youth 17 and under.

Tickets available at

Friday evening:
Chrysalis Circus (Mari Sharpe, Gabby Leiva) – Lollipop
George Howard & Sarah McWilliams – Duo Trapeze
Tania Nambo-Escobar – Aerial Rope
Radical Acrobatical (Laura K. Sposato, Maria Mork) – Partner Acro
Missy Nagin – Lyra
Stratus Circus – Rolling Globe/Contortion
Duo TomKat – Duo Trapeze
Morrison Helton – Aerial Sling
Rolling Blunder (Raymi Dyskant, Jessa Gardner, Ali Riddering, Fiona Ryan, Kimberly Wood, Sara Haverkamp) – German Wheel
Julaine Hall – Aerial Rope
Thomas Alexander & Kyla Helgeland Alexander – Partner Acro
Beth Baker – Static Trapeze
Ava Drummond – Diabolo
Cirrus Circus – Aerial Fabric
Laura Sposato – Tap Dance
Duo Haute Mess – Duo Rope

Saturday Matinee:
Cirrus Circus – Acro
Brian Crawford – Static Trapeze
John Spinosa – Unicycle & juggling Extravangza
Amber Parker – Rolla Bolla
Ashlei Mayo – Lyra
Beth Heritage * Amyanne Hartstone – Tumbling
Acrobatic Conundrum (Terry Crane & Melissa Knowles) – Partner Acro
Jasmine Manuel – Aerial Fabric
Mari Sharpe – Lyra
Leila Magnolia – LED Fans & Hoops
Nimbus Circus – Aerial Fabric
Tara Adams – Contact Juggling
John Kennedy – Aerial Straps
Leslie Rosen – Puppy Tricks!
Duo Avocado (Alyssa Hellrung & Ava Vermilya) – Duo Trapeze

Saturday Evening:
Duo Straight Up (Nick Lowery & Rachel Randall) – Chinese Pole
Youth Contortion (Lead by Gunnar Field) – Contortion
Cirrus Circus – Juggling
Kevin Ruddell – Aerial Rope
Adrian Hillyer & Jessie Wellington – Partner Acro
Jacob Hall – Aerial Fabric
Stratus Circus – Mini Tramp
Celestial Circus (lead by Manjit Golden) – Ground Acrobatics
Nimbus Circus – Block
Emma Curtiss – Cyr Wheel
Vertical Axis (Amanda Thornton & Nick Perry) – Duo Trapeze
Robert Howells – Juggling
John Spinosa – Stupid Unicycle Tricks
Julaine Hall – Handstands
Vivian Tam – Aerial Fabric
Transformational Women’s Circus (Missy Nagin, Ecco Kaos, Elizabeth Kempkes, Katrina Hayes, Lauren Musladin, Sarah Hess, Greta Summers) – Single-point Trapeze
Acrobatic Conundrum – 3 Ropes

Sunday Matinee:
Julaine Hall – Chinese Pole
Devin Helton & Leah Noble – Partner Acro
Duo Tomato (Alyssa & Avery Hellrung) – Duo Trapeze
Sara Haverkamp – German Wheel
Kyla Helgeland Alexander – Aerial Rope
Kaitlin Lindburg & Ellie Patel – Tumbling
Sarah Stanley – Lyra
AYCO Group Act – Ground Acrobatics
Cirrus Circus – Juggling
Kaitlin Lindburg & Rachel Mansour – Aerial Fabric
Rose Prevo & Lola Rosenblum – Duo Trapeze
Elizabeth Young – Lyra
Nimbus Circus – Unicycle
Emma Cady – Aerial Fabric
Cirrus Circus – Dance
Emma Curtiss – Yellow Submarine

SANCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Tax ID 20-0300045. We are the only non-profit circus school in Seattle. All contributions support community programs and youth scholarships.