SANCA’s Every Body’s Circus (EBC) program offers group lessons for adults across a variety of needs and life experiences. EBC adult classes may be a great fit for you if you identify with any of the following:
• Trauma Related Disorders, Mood Disorders, and Anxiety
• You are postpartum and looking for movement, support, and recovery
• Have a desire to reconnect with your body in a supportive atmosphere
• Have a well rounded, plus-size, curvy, or abundant body
• Want to explore and rewrite body stories through therapeutic practices
• Want to exercise in a body-positive environment
• Wouldn’t otherwise be able or comfortable to access circus or exercise

Every Body’s Circus (EBC) provides a flexible, individualized approach to group instruction that promotes resiliency, self efficacy, and community connection. Class instruction is adapted to the abilities and needs of the students participating in each class and/or session ensuring that we are able to meet each student where they are at. Our goal in the EBC program is to cultivate supportive spaces where students can meaningfully engage in strength based practices, reconnect with their bodies in a supportive, relatable community of people working towards self acceptance and emotional and physical health. Our programming hopes to create an inclusive, integrated community where adults can learn, process, and rejoice through their body’s movement and expression.

Circus as a Therapeutic Tool

Without any therapeutic intention, Circus naturally provides social, emotional and physical benefits to those who access it. In the EBC program, we combine circus arts with group counseling and social support to provide added therapeutic effect for EBC students. In EBC group classes, students gain core strength, balance, flexibility, gripping strength, and confidence using a variety of circus skills, including trampoline, tightrope, juggling, handstands, and aerial arts. Students who have participated in our Every Body’s Circus programs have accomplished amazing proficiency with many circus skills in spite of incredible obstacles.

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Every Body’s Circus Services
The Every Body’s Circus program offers group classes for adults who are looking for specialized classes that will meet them where they’re at and support them in getting where they would like to be. At this time, we do not offer EBC Individual Instruction for adults. If you think individual instruction may better suit your needs, please submit a private lesson request to the front office at

EBC Group Classes
(55 minutes):
Our Every Body’s Circus group classes are student-centered general circus classes that incorporate group counseling, social support, and movement-based learning for adults with physical or emotional challenges. Students will engage in social, emotional, and physical skill building while learning how to use trampoline, trapeze, aerial fabric, tight wire, juggling, and strength and flexibility. Class size is generally 4-8 students and are led by 1-2 specially trained Every Body’s Circus coaches. Please see our Fall 2019 offerings below.

Class Offerings

Postpartum Circus
Join us on the path to healing, self esteem building, and reconnecting with your body in Postpartum Circus! Facilitated by psychotherapist Amber Parker and acrobatics coach Alyssa Luna, Postpartum Circus will focusing recovering from pregnancy and childbirth while bonding with your baby. This class will combine social and informational support, therapeutic group processing, and full body exercises with a focus on core strength and conditioning using your body weight and your baby! In order to participate in this class you must be 6 weeks or 8 weeks postpartum or have approval from your doctor. Must also inform instructor if you have abdominal separation so instructors may adapt exercises for your needs.

Well Rounded Circus
Plus size, curvy, fat, zaftig, how ever you identify, if you have an abundant body this class is for you! Well Rounded Circus offers strength, conditioning, and low aerial skills training for people of size who are looking to improve their relationship with their body, gain strength, and find community in a body positive environment. Facilitated by Amber and Sarah of The Transformational Women’s Circus, Well Rounded Circus offers an(d) integrated approach to movement by connecting our thoughts and feelings about our bodies with physical activity.

TWC Alumni
This is an Invitation-only, general circus class for alumni of our Transformational Women’s Circus program.

Therapeutic Strength & Conditioning
Have you been feeling down? Anxious? Do you want to improve your relationship with yourself and with your body? If so, then Therapeutic Strength and Conditioning is for you! Facilitated by psychotherapist Amber Parker and social circus coach Manjit, this class will focus on therapeutic group processing, somatic movement, and gentle strength and flexibility training to reconnect you to your body and to a supportive, relatable community of people working towards self acceptance and emotional and physical health.