Every Body's Circus

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Every Body's Circus Overview

SANCA’s Every Body’s Circus (EBC) program offers individual lessons, group lessons, classes with inclusion, and camps that benefit children and adults with the following needs:

• Learning differences
• Behavioral issues
• Trauma Related Disorders and Mood Disorders
• Sensory and processing issues
• ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Cerebral palsy, hemiparesis, spina bifida
• Visual or hearing impairment and other physical challenges
• Anyone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access circus or exercise

Every Body’s Circus (EBC) provides a flexible, individualized approach to group and one-on instruction that enable youth to develop physical and social interaction skills. These progressions are adapted to the abilities and needs of the students participating in each class and/or session. Our goal in the EBC program is to help EBC students find the success and self efficacy they need to eventually graduate from the EBC program and move on to recreational circus classes. We hope to create an inclusive, integrated community where children of all abilities can exist side by side in any program at SANCA.

Circus as a Therapeutic Tool

Without any therapeutic intention, Circus naturally provides social, emotional and physical benefits to those who access it. In the EBC program, we combine circus arts with Play Therapy and Sensory Integration to provide added therapeutic effect for EBC students. In EBC group classes, students gain core strength, balance, flexibility, gripping strength, social skills, self regulation skills, and confidence using a variety of circus skills, including trampoline, tightrope, juggling, handstands, and aerial arts. Students who have participated in our Every Body’s Circus programs have accomplished amazing proficiency with many circus skills in spite of incredible obstacles, including visual or hearing impairment, stroke, spina bifida, hemiparesis, and more.

For non-confidential inquiries, e-mail: ebc@sancaseattle.org.

We will respond to all inquiries within one week*.

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Elijah Calhoun 2

Every Body's Circus Services

Parent Quote: “One of the most thrilling changes I have seen is her increased arm strength through her affected side. Hurray!”


Every Body’s Circus offers group classes and individual instruction during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter at SANCA. During the summer, the EBC group classes and individual instruction is on hiatus while the EBC department works with Summer Camp students. Below you will find our intake, screening, and enrollment process for our group classes and individual instruction:

Our Intake process:

  1. Submit an Every Body’s Circus Inquiry form: Once you submit this form you will receive a follow up email within one week* letting you know your waitlist position.
  2. Waiting period: Most students find a placement in the EBC program within 1-3 quarterly sessions, depending on student needs, availability of staff, and your waitlist position. You will receive an update quarterly about the status of your waitlist position.
  3. Intake and Screening: When it is time for your student to enroll in the EBC program, you will meet with our clinical coordinator to discuss your hopes and goals for your student and come up with a plan for their time in the EBC program. Depending on your intake and screening, your student will be placed in either an EBC group class or individual EBC instruction.

EBC Group Classes

(55 minutes):

Our Every Body’s Circus group classes are play focused, student-centered general circus classes for children with physical, emotional, or cognitive challenges who need extra care and accommodations from specially trained SANCA coaches. Students will engage in social, emotional, and physical skill building while learning how to use trampoline, trapeze, aerial fabric, tight wire, juggling, and strength and flexibility. Class size is generally 4-6 students that are led by 2-3 Every Body’s Circus coaches.

EBC Individual Instruction

(55 minutes):

For students who struggle with impulse or mood regulation, low self confidence, fear and anxiety, or otherwise do not feel ready to join a group setting, we can provide a one on one coach for 1-3 quarters to help your student gain the confidence and self regulation skills they need to feel prepared for EBC group instruction.

Tuition & Financial Assistance

All fees are due prior to the start of the lesson.  We accept cash, check and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX & Discover).

Individual lessons: $50 per hour

Group lessons:  Prices range from approximately $220 – $310 per session, depending on the length of that particular session (our quarterly sessions range between 9 and 14 weeks). Call our office at 206-652-4433 for current session pricing.

Youth scholarships available

Application may be found here

DDD Funds – SANCA is a DSHS recognized respite care facility. Some services can be covered by DDD (Division of Developmental Disabilities) funds, if the client has those funds available.  Please let us know at the time of registration if you wish to use these funds for services and provide us with your case manager contact information, so that we can submit a claim to the State of Washington on your behalf. Please note, the client is ultimately responsible for payment of services in the event your claim is denied.

Insurance – Our services cannot be billed to insurance as they are not yet considered a mental health therapy. We are working towards this goal to increase the accessibility of our program.

*We strive to attend to all emails and correspondence within one week, however, EBC is a very popular program and sometimes it takes us up to two weeks to follow up.

“Circus is fun! I like aerial a lot, but only about a foot above the ground.”