Bringing circus to underserved youth

Outreach Overview


SANCA’s Social Circus Outreach partners with community organizations working with at-risk populations in the greater Seattle area to provide accessible circus arts education both at SANCA and at your organization.  With program offerings ranging from one-time circus classes to long-term sessions through our Roda program, SANCA is committed to spreading the joys and challenges of circus arts to groups who might not otherwise have access.
In a non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere, students are challenged to explore their bodies’ capacity for powerful physical expression through a playful and imaginative approach to circus activities.
In addition to individual growth, activities like group acrobatics and ring passing work on cultivating a trusting and supportive social environment. Students celebrate each other’s successes and support each other through failures, all while developing a sense of belonging and responsibility to each other.


Teacher Quote:

“With regard to one student, SANCA has literally changed his life. In the time that Ian attended SANCA, his academics shot up—in the first four months of school he gained 1.7 grade levels in reading. Ian’s newfound confidence and health are one result of his circus successes.”
— Miriam Reed, First Place School

Galmo Trapeze 1

Outreach Program Offerings

Roda program

(long-term sessions 10-16 weeks)

Starting in 2016, SANCA is instituting the Roda Program—long-term partnerships with youth development and community organizations.  Grounded in the principles of Social Circus and structured within a framework that emphasizes personal and social growth, classes are co-taught with community leaders.

After-school classes

(long-term sessions 8-12 weeks)

Partnering with local community centers and YMCA: Powerful Schools, SANCA brings enriching after-school classes for youth 13 and under in the greater Seattle area.

One-time field trips

SANCA will send teaching artists out to your school or organization for an introductory lesson in the circus arts.  These are intended to establish connections between SANCA and your organization in order to cultivate a future partnership.

Circus at your organization

SANCA can come to your organization and set up shop. We will usually bring juggling balls, mats for tumbling and partner acrobatics, tight wires and rolling globes. We’ll need a large open space such as a gym or multi-purpose room. SANCA must be scheduled to teach at least  1.5 hours per trip.
Recommended # of participants per class: 8-16.
Recommended age: 5 and up

Circus at SANCA

SANCA has a unique facility in the Georgetown neighborhood. Chances are while you are here there will be other classes going on and professional circus artists trainings. At SANCA we are able to offer trampoline and aerial arts in addition to all of the activites mentioned above groups are responsible for their own transportation to and from or school.
Recommended # of participants per class: 8-16
Recommended age: 5 and up

Flying Trapeze

Our flying trapeze classes are offered separately from our regular circus classes and take place in our fly tent. Students climb a ladder to the platform, grab onto the trapeze and swing out over the net. In some cases they will get a chance to go for “the catch” where they will swing out over the net to be caught by one of our instructors. Flying trapeze encourages students to take risks in a safe environment and gives them the experience of working outside their comfort zone.

Recommended # of participants per class: 5-12 (max dependent on duration).
Recommended age: 8 and up (the official age minimum on the trapeze is 6yrs old, but it can be quite an overwhelming experience for the younger ones)

Activities we offer

  • Acrobatics and tumbling
  • Trampoline
  • Juggling and passing
  • Tight wire
  • Rolling globe
  • Unicycle
  • Aerial (rope, silks, trapeze)
  • German wheel
  • Object manipulation
  • Flying trapeze
  • TumblTrak
  • Mini-trampoline
  • Partner and group acrobatics


Tuition and Financial Assistance

SANCA’s Outreach program partners on a sliding scale/pro-bono basis with schools and community organizations that work with at-risk and underserved populations of all ages.  For more information about pricing, we invite you to fill out our inquiry form.  The information you provide will help us better serve your organization.

Email outreach@sancaseattle.org if you have specific questions.