Outreach Inquiry Form

  • If your organization is thinking about having a circus class with SANCA, please take the time to read through and fill out the form below so we can get the ball rolling! A minimum of four weeks advance planning is required to organize all the logistics related to partnership classes.
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  • Some Logistics

  • How long would you like each class to last? We can offer circus classes anywhere from one hour long to all day long. We recommend a shorter class for the young ones and at least a 1.5hr class for the teens.
  • For safety reasons we keep our student to teacher ratio at 8:1 and even lower for students under 7 years old. Therefore, it is hard for us to accommodate more than 24 students in one class. How many participants are in your group?
  • Our programs are designed for ages 5yrs old and up, including adults. Rarely do we offer field trips for pre-schools. What is the age range of your group?
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Thanks for taking the time to fill out this form. Remember, this is just to get us started. We can always work with you to personalize your circus class needs.