7 Days of Circus Challenges

in the Funnest Fundraiser!

October 14–20, 2018

SANCAFEST is a celebration of the power of circus!

Sign up by Thursday, October 4th with a pledge to raise $50 or more and you’ll also get a SANCAFEST T-Shirt!

Let’s raise $30,000 together and make Circus for All a reality!

Funds raised at SANCAFEST support youth scholarships and Social Circus programs.

SANCAFEST is also a Demo Week so invite your friends and family.


The 2018 SANCAFEST Challenges

The Mount Rainier Climbing Challenge (14,411 feet) – can we climb of Mount Rainier? We’ve got 7 days to do it!

Go for Distance – the Pacific Crest Trail (2,650 miles) – Most trail hikers take all summer to hike from Mexico to Canada. At SANCA we’re going to do it in a week! Break out your unicycles and German wheels, warm up your ankles and wrists for a lot of tumbling passes, or slip on your tight wire shoes!

2018 Minutes of Circus – How long can you keep circusing? We’ll collectively aim to do 2018 minutes of nonstop circus by holding handstands, juggling nonstop, balancing on rolling globes, and other endurance activities.

Every class will choose a group challenge! You can also set personal challenge goal that contributes to your class’s collective total:

  • If your class takes on the Mt. Rainier Challenge, your personal goal could be making 6 climbs 126 feet!
  • Or make 15 tumbling passes along the Pacific Crest Trail challenge!
  • Or juggling 3 clubs for 10 minutes in the 2018 Minutes of Nonstop Circus challenge!

Circus Theme Days!

Each day of the week has got a theme – come dressed for fun and circus (but don’t forget to have circus-ready apparel, as some costumes may not work well when you’re upside down!)

** Spectacular Circus Sunday  *  Magical Monday  *  Tutu Tuesday  *  Onesie Wednesday  **
**  Throwback Thursday  *  Funky Friday  *  Spooky Saturday  **

We’ll have prizes for top fundraisers, best dressed theme of the day, and more!

How to get involved in SANCAFEST:

REGISTER ONLINE (click here after you read the info below)

or you can print a registration form found here:

Download a SANCAFEST Registration Packet

  1. Your coach will tell you about all the ways to get involved and together you class will decide on a group challenge.
  2. Set a personal fundraising pledge goal.
  3. Complete the Participant Registration card or online form and return it to our office.
  4. Tell your family and friends about SANCAFEST and ask for contributions in support of your goal. You can do this with our paper pledge form or online by creating a Facebook fundraiser for your SANCAFEST activities.
  5. Don’t miss class the week of October 14–20! Invite family and friends to come to this demo week.

Sign up by Thursday, October 4th with a pledge to raise $50 or more and you’ll also get a SANCAFEST T-Shirt!

Mail a Check

674 S. Orcas Street
Seattle, WA 98108
(Put the name of the SANCAFEST
participant in your check memo line.)

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