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New job opening: Camp Coaches

Circus Camp Coach
Reports to: Camp Management Team

The School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (SANCA) is looking for energetic and enthusiastic circus coaches for circus camp. Camps run Monday – Friday, 9 am – 3 pm. All hired coaches will be trained to coach to SANCA’s standards of safety and skill progressions.

Description: SANCA’s Camp Program provides a fun, engaging, and safe experience for children between ages 6 and 15, with camps grouped by age. Coaches will instruct campers in trampoline, tumbling, aerial rope and fabric, static trapeze, partner acrobatics, German Wheel, Unicycle, juggling, and other circus skills. Coaches will help to create an exciting and fun experience that includes teamwork, a positive atmosphere, and the joy of circus, helping campers through the challenge of learning new things by breaking difficult or complex skills down into steps, and helping their students feel successful at their own pace.

Camp coaches are part-time, ranging from 18 to 33 hours per week. Camp coach shifts are 5-8 hours long and between 8:30 am and 5 pm on camp days.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
– Adhere to SANCA’s policies, objectives, and rules
– Support SANCA’s Mission and Vision
– Participate in SANCA Camp staff paid training
– Present a warm and welcoming demeanor towards campers and parents, and engage with campers in a fun and constructive manner
– Maintain a safe environment for the student, physically and emotionally
– Supervise campers in a variety of circus skills and apparatuses, including the Flying Trapeze tent, as assigned by SANCA’s camp management team
– Coach circus classes emphasizing safety, positivity, and small steps to success.
– Follow the curriculum and weekly rotation
– Present a high level of professionalism as a teacher/representative of SANCA
– Communicate with other coaches teaching at the same time as you to maintain good flow throughout the gym and rotation of use of equipment
– Communicate with the camp management team about needs, challenges, and student progress
– Be present and ready to greet campers 30 minutes before camp starts and work with other coaches to clean up camp areas 30 minutes after camp ends (this is paid time)
– Manage social interactions in downtime, including transition moments, snack breaks, and lunches
– Provide motivational support and guidance to campers
– Communicate and enforce SANCA’s COVID protocols

The ideal candidate would:
– Have experience working with and/or instructing culturally diverse youth
– Have good class management skills
– Have a working knowledge of children’s physical and cognitive development
-Working knowledge in movement-based activities, especially circus or gymnastics, and willingness to learn additional movements and skills required
– Have the willingness to learn on the job
– Be able to lift equipment and spot students where appropriate
– Exercise mature judgment and sound decision-making
– Demonstrate an enthusiastic attitude and positive demeanor

The minimum requirements are:
– Experience working with youth
– Working towards a basic knowledge of circus skills
– Pass a background check
– Patience and ability to deal with stressful situations

Benefits and Compensation
– $21/hour minimum starting pay, negotiable based on experience
– Free circus classes for staff and free and/or discounted circus classes for the direct family of staff
– Free use of SANCA’s gym space for Independent Training during open hours, upon completion of appropriate orientation
– Reduced tuition for most workshops

To apply, a resume and cover letter should be sent to hr@sancaseattle.org
SANCA is an Equal Opportunity Employer