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SANCAthon (no regular classes today)

SANCA’s Funnest Fundraiser

Sunday, November 1, 2015

volunteer sq_01SANCAthon is a super fun community celebration and an opportunity for you to show off the exciting circus skills you’ve been learning. At the same time, the contributions you gather from family and friends in support of your circus activity will directly support SANCA’s Youth Scholarship Fund and community outreach programs for youth who are underserved – making circus available to everyone regardless of their economic circumstances.

SANCAthon features exciting Team Circus Events such as Catchathon, Tumbling, Handstand Relays, or Juggling. Random Acts of Circus will happen throughout the day, and you’ll have opportunities to enter drawings and win prizes. The festive day concludes with performances from SANCA’s Youth Troupes, accompanied by the SANCApators Band.

Our Event Fundraising Goal is $30,000

jake riding unicycle_smFunds raised at SANCATHON provide scholarships for youth with financial challenges to attend circus classes—in 2015, SANCA is awarding at least $160,000 in scholarships to youth and families with financial challenges. Funds also benefit at-risk and homeless youth served through SANCA’s Circus Outreach program by providing valuable opportunities to participate in healthy creative circus activities.

Advance Registration for SANCAthon is required. Register Today!


DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: Friday, October 30, 2015

11:30 A.M.
Catchathon check-in for all flying participants at the TENT.

11:30 A.M. to 1:45 P.M.
Check-in for participants involved in Team Challenges in the SANCA Office.

12:00 P.M. – Catchathon!
Our high flyers make as many catches as they possibly can in 1-hour! Come and cheer them on.

1:00 P.M. – Circus Parade from the Tent to the Main Gym!

1:15 P.M. – The Busker’s Challenge!
Our high flyers make as many catches as they possibly can in 1-hour! Come and cheer them on.

2:00 P.M. – SANCAthon Team Events!
Your turn to shine! What’s your challenge? It could be tumbling, aerial, tightrope, handstand relays, juggling or a circus tot relay! Each Team will gather at their station and when the bell rings the challenges start!

3:00 P.M. – The SANCAthon Showcase!
SANCA’s youth performers and the SANCApators Band entertain you with an amazing circus performance! We’ll also have drawings for a variety of prizes – it could be a circus class, a private lesson, juggling equipment, or other circus goodies.

SANCAthon: it’s back, and bigger and better than ever!

Thank You to everyone who made SANCAthon a success!

Here’s the annotated Catch-athon video by Kristen Petersen

SANCAthon_2013_meghan_cornicello_01medSANCAthon is a super fun community celebration! We’ve got exciting plans for this year’s SANCAthon and you don’t want to miss it!

Four hours of excitement including:
· Catchathon!
· The Buskers’ Challenge!
· Team Events!
· Circus Performances and Drawings

Participants can register today, join a team, and learn more at www.sancaseattle.org/sancathon! (must preregister by Friday, October 30th)


Read about all our exciting team events at the SANCAthon Team Page. You can make contributions in support of teams or individual participants from their team and personal pages.

SANCAthon catch sqTeam Catchathon:

Our goal is to make as many catches in one hour as we can! Join us in the SANCA School of Flight Tent to kick off SANCAthon at 12 p.m. on Sunday, November 1st.


Team Aerial:

We’re taking on the challenge of climbing the height of the Space Needle as many times as possible in one hour! Are you a climber? We’ve got your apparatus– rope, fabric, trapeze, or Chinese Pole, this event’s for you!

unicycle2_051212_student_unicycle_BensonSquire_sqTeam CANYONATHON:

Wire Walkers and Unicyclists: We’re going to cross the width of the Grand Canyon in a relay-style event especially for tightwire walkers and unicyclists!

SANCAthon_2012_staff_handstandrelay_Maia_13sqTeam Handstand:

We will attempt a wave of handstands around the whole gym where everyone will hold a handstand for 15 seconds before the next person goes up in a relay fashion!

SANCAthon_2013_SW_AA_juggling_sqTeam Juggler:

The SANCAthon juggling team is all about three things: Throwing, catching & raising funds for the SANCA Youth Scholarship Fund. We are setting our sights on achieving the group goal of 2,015 catches in any juggling pattern and with any juggling prop, be it bean-bags, balls, rings, or clubs. It is as the old juggling saying that we just made up goes: You gotta throw ’em if you wanna catch ’em.

Team Tumbling: SANCAthon_2013_diveroll_cornicello_sq

SANCA’s tumblers are going perform a demonstration of the awesome skills we’ve learned for everyone to see! We’ll dazzle you with rolls, handstands, cartwheels, or crazy tumbling passes.

baby&me_2008_chloefierstein_rope_01sqTurbo Tots:

SANCA’s 2 – 4 year-old tots are going to tear it up at the TURBO TOT OBSTACLE COURSE! This incredible, super fun obstacle course will include Wacky Wall Walkers, Balancing Feathers, Juggling, Monkey Jumps and More!


Contribute in support of performers at their team & personal pages from the SANCAthon Team Page.

The Amazing Circus 1-ders and the Magnificent 7 – accompanied by the SANCApators Band — will close out the day by with some amazing new performances. You may be witness to the debut of AcroVengers: Origins, as well as an amazing aerial ladder act, a tumbling and springboard act, and a new ring juggling act.

The Buskers’ Challenge:

Cirrus Circus and our staff performers will give it their all for you! Challenge our performers to achieve amazing feats of daring do by putting down a donation for a trick. Want to see an acrobatic three-high? Juggling 7 balls? A dueling unicycle challenge? Show us the $$, we’ll show you the tricks!

Random Acts of Circus will happen throughout the day, and you’ll have opportunities to enter drawings for fabulous prizes. See you Sunday, November 1st for SANCAthon!

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