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Wasting Away

Wasting away tells the exciting and bizarre story of an idyllic small town that is slowly overrun by their accumulation of garbage. Seemingly oblivious to their predicament the town carries on with its joyous and acrobatic daily routine until the problem becomes too big to ignore. Full of humour and heart, this show presents an action-packed tale of conflict, growth, and cooperation that simultaneously offers social commentary and manages not to take itself too seriously.

Wasting Away includes all-new original acts on the Chinese pole, high flying partner acrobatics, tumbling, aerial fabric, contortion, club juggling, aerial rope, clowning, and much more.
Wasting Away is created and devised by the Directors and members of Cirrus Circus, with additional dance choreography by Rachel Randall, aerial choreography by Bridget Gunning, costume design by Milla Voellinger, set by Morgan Sobel, acrobatics consulting from Jacob Skeffington and select originally composed music by Tristan Moore.

Erica Rubinstein, Cirrus Circus Managing Director

Arne Bystrom, Cirrus Circus Assistant Director

Full Spectrum

Take a break from fall doldrums and treat yourself to a splash of early spring with this high-energy, acrobatic show. Follow the characters of Cirrus Circus as they each discover their own distinctive personality, evolving from a monochrome daily drab to a prismatic burst of colors.

Cirrus Circus (formerly the Youth Performance Company) is one of the most accomplished circus troupes in the region, and is in demand at many of Seattle’s popular festivals and events, including Moisture Festival, Seattle Center’s Winterfest, the Georgetown Carnival, and more. Cirrus Circus has been invited to perform in 2014 at the London International Youth Circus Festival in England, and InselCircus in Sylt, Germany.

Full Spectrum includes all-new original acts on the triple trapeze and the trampoline, as well as aerial contortion, acrobatic unicycle, juggling, tumbling, partner acrobatics, and much more. This show also features guest performances by SANCA’s younger performing ensembles, the Amazing Circus 1-ders and the Magnificent 7.

Full Spectrum is created and devised by the members of Cirrus Circus, with additional choreography by Rachel Randall of RandAll Dance.
Erica Rubinstein, Cirrus Circus Managing Director
Kari J. Hunter, Cirrus Circus Assistant Director

Bellevue Girl Finds Success in Circus Skills


Saffi Watson brings oohs and ahs from the audience
— Image Credit: Courtesy Photo, Teatro ZinZanni
posted Sep 28, 2013 at 2:20 PM

By Gabrielle Nomura
Special to the Bellevue Reporter
For the majority of 12-year olds, extracurricular activities are all about self-improvement: mastering the art of shooting a ball through a basket, speaking a new language or mastering a dance move.
Saffi Watson, a Tillicum Middle School sixth grader and Bellevue resident, knows all about practice.
The talented contortionist and gymnast can hold her limbs in an ever-moving sculpture, like a living work of origami art. Saffi’s hands know the floor well; she’s used to resting her entire body weight on them in a variety of poses. In these handstands, her ballerina-like feet hover high above her head. With a smile on her face, she radiates warmth and poise during her performances.
Saffi has performed on a hoop suspended from the ceiling and been shot out of a cannon, just to name a few acts.
She’s also extremely practiced in the art of making audience members “ooh and ahh,” having taken this talent to the stages of Teatro ZinZanni, Moisture Festival and Cirque Dreams Illumination.
During a run of a ZinZanni family show, “In Tents” two years ago, Watson, only 10 at the time, left audience members waiting with baited breath.
As childlike music plucked like the metal heart of a jewelry box, Watson moved slowly and deliberately. Smiling serenely, she blew kisses, clutching a teddy bear.
Suddenly, her head began to fall backward. As if a magnet was connected to her pigtails and her tailbone, she arched backward, discovering the space behind her ankles. Planting her palms to the floor, the girl’s supple torso bent generously. With her entire body in an “O” shape for just a moment, Watson suddenly released her legs, which gracefully launched out behind her onto the ground, like “the worm” dance move.
Circus arts are a healthy and positive activity for all young people, even if they aren’t born with exceptional flexibility like Watson.
Unlike gymnastics or ballet, there’s less of an emphasis on competition or being the best. Here, it’s about affirmation and teaching kids a wide variety of skills. They can use these as performing artists, or simply to increase their self-esteem said Erica Rubinstein, a coach of Watson’s who teaches at Seattle’s School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (SANCA).
“Every skill, every body type has a place and is valued,” Rubinstein said.
This appealed to Saffi’s parents, a singer and pianist who are both performers themselves.
Clifford Watson just hopes his daughter grows up to be healthy and happy.
“We signed her up for gymnastics because we noticed she would jump off the sofa and do crazy things,” he said. “With a kid like that, you can either get them to stop, or you can help them harness and use that talent.”
To learn more about classes in the circus arts for all ages, go to sancaseattle.org.
Gabrielle Nomura is a former staff writer with the Bellevue Reporter. She lives in Seattle.

Emma in Wonderland

The School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts’ Youth Performance Company presents:

Emma in Wonderland

Emma loses herself in a circus wonderland. Follow her on this adventure as she meets outlandish rolling globe walkers, whimsical fairies, lively gypsies and other characters in this magical world. Help Emma discover the way back home in this family-friendly circus show.

Friday December 12th, 2008 6:00 PM
Saturday December 13th, 2008 2:00 PM & 7:00 PM

Grand Adventures in Nickolai’s Toy Shoppe

Seattle’s Premier Circus School’s Youth Performance Company (now named Cirrus Circus) performs a classic tale “Grand Adventures in Nickolai’s Toy Shoppe” where toys come the life. Come watch as Teddy Bears walk on a ball, a toy train is powered by unicycles, Tin Solders Juggler and so much more.

Quietly tucked away in a sleepy little village, at the end of a cobbled street, sits Nickolai’s Toy Shoppe. Each day after the school bell chimes, rosy-cheeked children with snow-kissed caps clamor through the front doors and rush to Nickolai’s to see their favorite toys. Later, as the sunlight fades and the lights begin to twinkle in the dusky night sky, the children reluctantly say their good-byes and make their way home through the freshly powdered streets.

After the last toy is carefully back in its place and shopkeeper locks the door and the rest of the town drifts lazily off to sleep, something magical happens. Unable to wait for the children to come back and play, the toy lions spring forth and begin to do tricks, a train whistle blows and the engine chugs away from the station, and the impish monkey takes up his usual mischief. Such is the idyllic life in Nickolai’s Toy Shoppe – until one day, when a new toy arrives. Will life in the shop ever be the same again?

SANCA Youth Company:
Crystal Campbell, DirectorNickolai Pirak, Assistant Director
Members: Zora Blade, Arney Bystrom, Manny Eckert, Magnus Giaever, Lyla Goldman, Jasmine Manuel, Steven Mathews, Ian Nanney, Alyssa Nanney, Eloise O’Leary, Emma Page, Anna Partridge, Electra Scott, Maggie Seida

With music by Doc Sprinsock and the SANCApators

Thanks to Linsey Lindberg, Rachel Murray, Eloise Mathews, Meredith Crafton, Jill Drllevich, Kim Mock, Cecile Howard, the Russell Ridge Homeschool Center, Katie Mathews, Tara Jensen, Katrina Welker and Leslie Rosen.