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Workshop: 360° Flow: Flying, Moving, Performing

Saturday, August 11, 12pm – 6pm.

$100. Call 206-652-4433 to enroll

As the name suggests, 360˚ Flow is a practice of having a 360-degree spatial and body awareness, a three-dimensional system that focuses on transitional movement in dance and tumbling. Practicing inversion, balance, shape, and rhythm into a fluid use of the body in space and time result in a level of mastery and control of the force of gravity.

Jones and Anne-Marie Talmadge have developed this technique that draws on influences of all styles of dance as well as martial arts and gymnastics to approach dance and tumbling on a visceral and anatomical level, facilitating the body’s natural alignment, coordination, and expression.

Movement exercises and combinations focus on expanding movement potential, environmental awareness, and breaking through fear and mental blocks. The class also includes strengthening, flexibility, partnering, and improvisational components traveling in and out of the floor.

Workshop: Physical Comedy & Clown

Physical Comedy and Clown Workshop with Suzanne Santos
5//14 South Annex – 3-6pm
5/21 Little top – 3-6pm

In this class students will learn performance skills and how to create their own acts. They will learn how to physically transform to create their own characters, as well as utilize costume and make-up.Students will learn comedic three beats, French clown entrees, and slapstick. We will also be playing cooperative and imaginative games. They will have opportunities to share their work and receive feedback in this laboratory setting. Clown and physical comedic performance can be seen in silent films, television, the circus, and in theaters all over the world.

Two 3-hour classes. It is ideal for a student to be at all classes. Students can come to one with instructor permission.

Ages: 16+

Enroll online! http://tiny.cc/bookeo-suz

Price: $180 for series ($100 for 1 class)

Prerequisites: None

Instructor Bio:
Suzanne Santos is a clown, actor, director, and educator. As an actor, Suzanne toured internationally with the award winning production of Corpus Christi. As a clown, her credits include The Pickle Family Circus School Tour, The New York Clown Festival, Clowns Without Borders, El Circo Cheapo Cabaret, and Le Carnaval Carmagnole. She is the Lead Clown Coach and Writer/Director of the Road Shows for Circus Smirkus in Vermont. Suzanne has also acted, written, and directed at CASA 0101 in Los Angeles. She has had the privilege of teaching at Second City, Aloft Circus Arts, Playwrights’ Arena, The Actors’ Gang, Prescott Circus Theatre, San Francisco Circus Center, and San Francisco Arts Education Project. She has worked with the Dell’Arte Youth Academy as an instructor, Assistant Director, and Director. Suzanne holds a Teaching Credential from San Francisco State University and a BA in Theatre from George Fox University. She has an MA in Queer, Activist, Experimental Performance, and Theatrical Clowning from New College of California. She is a graduate of The Clown Conservatory and Dell’Arte International. www.suzsantos.com

Workshop: How to care for yourself & others

As a circus artist your body may be your most valuable asset. Invest in feeling better. Learn the basics of anatomy, how to better support your body’s structure, increase range of motion, and alleviate pain. This workshop will help you better understand your body and how to take care of it as well as provide a few easy but effective ways to work on yourself and others.

The first hour will consist of information and demonstration, as well as a time for questions. The second hour will go over exercises and bodywork techniques where students will practice on one another and get coaching.

The purpose of this workshop is to better inform circus artists about their bodies and improve self-care as well as give them some tools to help others. We will discuss the basics of anatomy, common issues among circus artists, how to have better alignment, and what we can do to alleviate pain and differentiate connective tissue.

May 14 2-4pm
Ages: 16+
Enroll online: https://tinyurl.com/bookeo-SOMA

Price: $50 per student
Prerequisites: none

Instructor Bio:
Katie is a Certified Soma Neuromuscular Integration Practitioner and LMP. She also has her Bachelor’s degree in business and has been training and performing acrobatics and circus arts for the past 4 years; working with companies such as Quixotic, Animate Objects and USC Events. She currently works as a Soma practitioner in Seattle. Her website is levitybykatie.com.

Workshop: Static Trapeze with Camille Swift

Static Trapeze: Technique Fundamentals and Imperatives (Beg. – Int.)

Static trapeze has been described as the ballet of the aerial arts world, a fundamental art form at the root of all aerial disciplines and a crucial starting point for anyone looking to delve into the world of aerial arts. Learn the technique and conditioning required to put real power in a pull-over, to do big and beautiful knee beats, fast and smooth hip circles, etc!

Ages: 16 and up.
Tuition:  $70
Prerequisites: Student must already have taken one session of trapeze.

Instructor Bio: Camille Swift won the Audience Choice Award at the 2015 Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival, and she performed at the Moisture Festival in 2015, 2016 and 2017 as well as the Aerial Expo in 2014 and 2015. She has performed in numerous shows and cabarets: El Circo Cheapo, Misfit Cabaret, Circus in Progress and Acrobatica Infiniti, as well multiple corporate performances with the Vagabonds of the Runaway Circus. Camille Swift is currently based in Chicago and offers private lessons at multiple locations. She also enjoys teaching workshops outside of the Chicago area and has taught at SANCA, the Aerial Expo, the Iowa Circus Academy, Aloft Circus Arts, the Actors Gymnasium and Detroit Flyhouse. Her classes focus on proper technique, building strength, flexibility and aerial awareness. In 2012, while temporarily stranded in central Illinois, Swift opened a small trapeze school, Top Star Trapeze. Since then it has been her pleasure to teach aerial enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.