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Grand Adventures in Nickolai’s Toy Shoppe

Seattle’s Premier Circus School’s Youth Performance Company (now named Cirrus Circus) performs a classic tale “Grand Adventures in Nickolai’s Toy Shoppe” where toys come the life. Come watch as Teddy Bears walk on a ball, a toy train is powered by unicycles, Tin Solders Juggler and so much more.

Quietly tucked away in a sleepy little village, at the end of a cobbled street, sits Nickolai’s Toy Shoppe. Each day after the school bell chimes, rosy-cheeked children with snow-kissed caps clamor through the front doors and rush to Nickolai’s to see their favorite toys. Later, as the sunlight fades and the lights begin to twinkle in the dusky night sky, the children reluctantly say their good-byes and make their way home through the freshly powdered streets.

After the last toy is carefully back in its place and shopkeeper locks the door and the rest of the town drifts lazily off to sleep, something magical happens. Unable to wait for the children to come back and play, the toy lions spring forth and begin to do tricks, a train whistle blows and the engine chugs away from the station, and the impish monkey takes up his usual mischief. Such is the idyllic life in Nickolai’s Toy Shoppe – until one day, when a new toy arrives. Will life in the shop ever be the same again?

SANCA Youth Company:
Crystal Campbell, DirectorNickolai Pirak, Assistant Director
Members: Zora Blade, Arney Bystrom, Manny Eckert, Magnus Giaever, Lyla Goldman, Jasmine Manuel, Steven Mathews, Ian Nanney, Alyssa Nanney, Eloise O’Leary, Emma Page, Anna Partridge, Electra Scott, Maggie Seida

With music by Doc Sprinsock and the SANCApators

Thanks to Linsey Lindberg, Rachel Murray, Eloise Mathews, Meredith Crafton, Jill Drllevich, Kim Mock, Cecile Howard, the Russell Ridge Homeschool Center, Katie Mathews, Tara Jensen, Katrina Welker and Leslie Rosen.