Amanda Thornton


Amanda started her circus journey in 2011 as a way to inform her theatre and dance dreams. Quickly she realized this community was more home to her than any other and shifted her focus to training and act development. She adores teaching solo aerial and helping students find what makes them unique and strong, but her personal circus discipline is Duo Aerial. When she met Nick Perry they discovered quickly how fun it is to work together to make the impossible possible. Since moving to The Emerald City in 2015, Amanda and Nick have been teaching and performing circus arts and fitness all over The Greater Seattle Area, including The Suite Lounge, Shadowland, and Teatro Zinzanni Cabarets. They developed the Duo Aerial curriculum for SANCA, and enjoy teaching the duo class together. Amanda believes, for herself, that the best art and fitness achievements comes from support and kindness which is why she strives to find all kinds of ways to always be working together with whomever her collaborators are, be it students, her partner, or other artists.

Classes Taught by Amanda Thornton

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