Adam Noble

Board Member

Adam Noble is currently a Business Development Executive for aerospace at Boyd Corporation, and formerly worked for Constellium, a multinational aluminum company based in Europe. He has a degree in engineering from the United States Naval Academy, and served in the Navy as a nuclear-trained Surface Warfare Officer. Adam’s first personal experience with SANCA was a parent and tot class with his son, but now he takes Adult General Circus where he is working on juggling, has learned that he loves trampoline and German Wheel and would prefer to leave aerial arts to people with a higher pain threshold.  His wife and daughter can both be seen at SANCA multiple times a week either in the fly tent or with the 1-ders.  He promises to take a flying trapeze class one of these days.  Prior to having kids, Adam was an avid swing dance competitor, performer, teacher, and DJ. In addition to work, family, and SANCA, Adam is a zealous wine collector, a slow but enthusiastic runner,  and an ardent Seattle Sounders supporter.

Board Member since May 2017