Frank Mwine Mubwaro

Board Member

Francis’s lifelong interest and involvement with community programs begin at the age of 8 years, as a clerk to a village court council. The backyard of his grandfather, Yohana, served as the village’s courtroom, and emblem of African restorative justice practices, where disputants brought their cases to elders for mediation and arbitration. It is through this village court council that, Francis was introduced to mediation, adjudication, conflict resolution, arbitration, and negotiation. He also fell in love with social justice, especially restorative justice as opposed to retribution. The teachings led to a commitment to community- centered approaches and dedication to community service.
All good openings are somehow naturally engrained, remote, of a novel inspired act. Francis recognized then how he was in the process of becoming a human rights advocate, community outreach programs icon, and an academic. There is a saying that “you are inoculated against all sorts of diseases, but not against championing for community social outreach programs. Francis has fallen prey to that illness, community building initiatives, serving, and giving back to the community, to create a better world.
Francis is trained in computer science, public policy, economics, and legal jurisprudence. And he has worked with the legislature, foreign policy thinktank, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, diplomatic missions, and private business firms.
Francis has done consultancy work for Human Rights Watch, World Intellectual Property Organization, Open Research Network Unit, World Bank, and presented academic work at leading academic institutions across Europe, America, and Africa. Apart from his ongoing interest in community programs, Francis is a poet, businessman, social entrepreneur and an admirer of Socrates, Fredrick Von Hayek, and Karl Popper.