John Tannous

Executive Director
John Tannous joined SANCA as Executive Director in January 2020. He has served as Executive Director in the non-profit field for four different organizations over the past twenty years. As the leader of the Flagstaff Arts Council in Flagstaff, Arizona, John helped the organization grow over eleven years, bringing new programs and significant revenue growth. He served as Director of the Smoki Museum of American Indian Art & Culture for over five years where he tripled the Museum’s budget. The beginning of his career in the arts sector came as a volunteer and later Executive Director of Tsunami on the Square, a regional performing arts festival that featured circus acts such as Wise Fool New Mexico, Clan Tynker, and the Carpetbag Brigade.
John is a community builder, a collaborator, and a catalyst for positive change. He comes to SANCA with a deep love for the performing arts and its capacity to change lives. He has done some amateur performance in community theater and performance over the years, but mostly loves working to develop resources and create space for artists to express their vision and magic.
Contact John Tannous
cell: 541-551-9045