Kyla Helgeland Alexander


Kyla grew up here in Washington. She has been teaching in some fashion since she was 14: piano & vocal lessons, as a preceptor for student midwives, and more recently as a functional strength coach and CPR/First Aid instructor. Her experience as a midwife and as the mother of 3 children led to a particular interest in core function and how it affects the way the rest of the body moves. This has proven useful in her circus training, and she has a particular interest in helping people build functional strength in order to move their bodies safely. Kyla has always been active; but she didn’t start circus training until she was 41, when she met her husband who was an active student at SANCA. He introduced her to partner acrobatics, and she soon started aerial training as well. She was hooked and proceeded to take more and more classes & private lessons, and has completed an aerial teacher training at Versatile Arts.

Classes Taught by Kyla Helgeland Alexander

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