Leila Magnolia


Leila Magnolia is an international visionary artist & instructor.  Her passion for, dance, circus, flow arts, yoga & travel has brought her to instruct as well as perform in both local & global events. Since graduating from Champlain College with a BFA in Creative Media & Design; She has taken time to explore the world with the intention to educate herself beyond academia. In 2017, Leila was introduced to the circus while traveling central America. She spent one month in an artist residency in Nicaragua, training, creating, and performing with other artists of all sorts. After returning to the states, Leila continues to pursue circus, creative movement, and her visionary art. Leila has spent the past two years coaching at Boston Rhythmic Gymnastic. This past year she has successfully crowdfunded for Social Circus in Nicaragua & and has volunteered to instruct circus for the refugees in Lombok, Indonesia. Through her education, experience, and enthusiastic nature; Leila coaches with a creative, energetic, and holistic approach, learning through play.