Leila Magnolia


Coach Leila is a multidimensional artist who works with both the visual & new age circus arts. Growing up, she focused on traditional, digital, mediums, and has an education in creative media & design. After academia, Leila took a journey from Colombia, where her family is from, up to Nicaragua- little did she know, that this trip would be the first stepping stone to her career into circus. Since returning in 2017, Leila has committed to instructing for private organizations, non-profits, and volunteer opportunities abroad. She has experience in instructing rhythmic gymnastics, circus, and workshops at festivals. One of Leila’s favorite things about coaching is seeing success in everybody, she works with.everybody. She not only performs at local, and virtual events but has performed at international festivals such as Envision Festival, Costa Rica, for the past two years. Leila continues to commit herself to her art projects which use both visuals and performance in her pieces. As she evolves, she brings creations to life; from 2-D, 3-D, and ultimately, bringing it to the fourth dimension. Today, Leila is Sanca’s “Flow Artistt,” specializing in object manipulation and authentic flow-based movement.

Classes Taught by Leila Magnolia

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