Luna Joshi


Luna started circus training when she was 7 years old after having trained in gymnastics since she was a baby. She started circus with the free and local Fern Street Circus in her hometown of San Diego, California. Luna later joined the Sophia Isadora Academy of Circus Arts and performed with their partner production company, Lindley Lopez Circus. At Sophia Isadora, Luna trained intensively with co-founder Cheryl Lindley doing contortion, hand-to-hand, and double and triple acrobatics with her two sisters, she also trained in aerial skills, pyramids, and group acrobatics. She has trained intensively in handstands with Jean-Luc Martin and his San Diego Circus Center and in various types of dance at local schools. At Fern Street, Sophia Isadora, and the San Diego Circus Center, Luna learned from professional circus performers and teachers including Pietro Canestrelli, Otgo Waller, and Master Lu Yi. Luna has been teaching various circus classes, choreographing acts, and running rehearsals for school shows since she was 15 years old. Luna is also a classical violinist and has been training in violin for over ten years. She uses her knowledge of music when choreographing acts and running rehearsals. Luna is currently a student in the Honors Program at Seattle University.