Milla Marshall


Show Operations Manager & Coach

Milla was first inspired by the magnificence of the circus at the age of 12 when she attended a performance of the Florida State University Flying High Circus. With sequins and spandex on the mind, Milla decided then that performing with the circus was all she ever wanted to do. While attending FSU, she performed with the collegiate circus in acts including Double Trapeze, Rolla Adagio, High Casting, Roman Rings, and other various acts. She also taught circus skills to younger students and guests of summer camps with the FSU Circus. In the summer of 2010, Milla decided she needed a change of scenery and traveled from her birthplace of Florida across the country to Seattle. Now she works out in the tent with the Sanca School of Flight program where she is able to spread her wings and try to defy gravity one swing at a time.