Nick Lowery


Nick never expected any of this. He began his sideways stumble into the world of circus while studying mathematics at Oberlin College when he learned to contact juggle and began performing in the student-run OCircus! troupe. When he completed his degree in 2009, he found his way to SANCA, forgot about his grad school plans, and began training acrobatics while teaching youth recreational classes. Soon afterwards, he took his first Chinese pole class and quickly fell in love with this austere and difficult apparatus (despite taking several classes to make it to the top of the pole for the first time). He made his pole performing debut in SANCA’s 2011 staff show. In 2013 he and fellow coach Rachel Randall created a duo pole act to perform in SASS. They’ve since performed as Duo Straight Up in such exotic locations as Honolulu, Hawaii; Puebla, Mexico; and Snohomish, Washington.

Nick has worn many different hats at SANCA over the years and currently teaches and catches in the flying trapeze tent. In his spare time, he enjoys eating, sleeping, and making music.