Tom Hanna

Program Director

Tom’s circus life started when he learned to juggle from a street magician on the Seattle waterfront. Spending every free moment practicing juggling took Tom fairly far, but he knew that there had to be more out there to learn.

One dark and rainy day in December, Tom was riding a bus to work when he looked up and, lo and behold, there was an advertising billboard that simply said “COME FLY WITH US! SANCA school of flight.” Tom’s curiosity was instantly piqued.

Tom signed up for an Intro to Aerial class and a Juggling class and was instantly in love with circus arts. Session after session passed and Tom continued to sign up for more and more classes in a variety of different disciplines including Aerial, Tumbling, Hand Balancing, Juggling and Sleight of Hand until he was at SANCA almost every day. To pay for all his classes, Tom joined the work-study program. The common joke around the school was that Tom practically lived at SANCA. In the summer of 2012, Tom was finally ready to make a full-time commitment to circus and quit his waterfront job for good to become a coach and office assistant at SANCA.

After working at SANCA for many years and in many capacities, Tom became SANCA’s Program Director in January 2020.

Classes Taught by Tom Hanna

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