Trouble with Amilia?

Amilia is the online  registration system now used by both The School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts and Emerald City Trapeze Arts for class and workshop enrollment. It allows students to browse classes and sign up on their own schedules, without needing to wait for the office phone line to open up (remember when everyone had to sign up over the phone?). It’s a very useful tool, and it also has a bit of a learning curve. Here are some common questions we’ve received, and their answers!

General Guidelines and Best Practices:

When making your account, put yourself (the adult/legal guardian) as the account owner, and any children as additional account members. Add your billing address and phone number ASAP–these are the things that will allow you to actually check out in the store.

Add the birthdate of any minors you plan to register–the birthdate is optional for Amilia’s system, but as our classes are age restricted, you won’t be able to enroll your student without a valid date of birth on file!

You need to make sure your information is shared with SANCA or we won’t be able to find your account. You can do this by pretending to register for a class, regardless of your interest in the class. A pop-up will appear asking if you consent to share your information–check yes!

I can’t seem to register for anything/Amilia isn’t working!

Are you using an Apple product or the Safari internet browser? Apple products don’t play nicely with Amilia using the embedding registration site. Try using SANCA’s Amilia store directly here:

Additionally, Amilia doesn’t always play well with phones. We suggest trying on a computer.

Amilia says I’m ineligible for the class I want to register for!

There are two potential reasons for this: Age and Skill. If the student you are trying to register is too old or too young for the class, Amilia will not allow the registration. If the class has a skill requirement, the student must also have the correct skill assigned to their account. If you believe you meet the skill requirements for a higher-level class than Amilia is allowing you to sign up for, please speak to your coach and the front office to update your skill assignments.

When I click on a class, nothing happens/the screen goes dark!

Amilia uses an on-screen pop-up to confirm enrollment, and it appears at the top of the screen. Try scrolling up!

I’m stuck at the “Personal Information” page for my student at check-out!

Sometimes if the contact information for the primary legal guardian was added at the same time as check-out, Amilia doesn’t understand that it has all the information it needs. Try clicking the “Edit” button next to “Select a Primary Legal Guardian,” then hit “Save” on the popup after it appears. Usually this fixes the issue!

I thought I had a credit card saved on file/why don’t I have a credit card saved on file?

For security purposes, the front office cannot save any of your credit card information to your Amilia account from our end, unless it is directly after making a purchase with that credit card. We also cannot delete credit cards from your account. If you’d like to keep a card on file or remove one, you can certainly do so by logging on to your Amilia account and making the change manually. Look for the “Wallet” subtab after you log in here:

Do you have waitlists for classes and/or camps?

Yes! If the class or camp you want is full, click on the Register button and you will have the opportunity to add yourself to the waitlist. (Please note that Amilia requires birthdates to be on file for minors as our classes are age-restricted, so if Amilia says your child is ineligible for the waitlist, that is likely why.)

What happens once I am on the waitlist?

The waitlist for classes works automatically. If/when a spot in a class becomes available, the first person on the waitlist will be sent an automatic email from Amilia notifying them that a spot has become available. If that person has not registered or responded in 24 hours, the system sends the next person on the waitlist a notification, and so on and so forth.

Does it even do anything for me to be on the waitlist?

Yes! Students in classes have changing plans, particularly after they’ve registered for something far in advance. While SANCA cannot guarantee you a spot in that class if you are on the waitlist, that is how you will be able to get a spot if one becomes available. Additionally, if SANCA knows how many students are on the waitlist for a class, or generally what the interest level is for a class, we are able to use that information to adjust what we have available to offer students either in the current session or in the future. SANCA is better able to meet the demand for classes if we know what people are interested in. 

More questions? A question we didn’t answer here? Contact the appropriate front office for your question, and we’ll do our best to help!
For SANCA classes, email or call (206) 652-4433.
For ECTA classes, email or call (206) 906-9442.