Dan Saab - Aerial Workshops

About the Instructor | Dan Saab
At the age of 8, Daniel began his aerial artistry at Independent Lake Camp in Orson, Pennsylvania. 10 years later, he then moved on to begin his professional journey in various locations around New Jersey and New York while attending Montclair State University. At MSU, he acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Studies. In these environments, he was able to develop skills including but not limited to: Acting, Dance, Choreography, Costume Design, Playwriting, Directing, and Stage Management. By participating as a cast member as well as working on production teams, he became well rounded in what happens on both sides of the process.
After deciding to pursue his performance and coaching careers, Daniel enrolled in the Intensive Professional Program at Circus Warehouse NYC and began daily training in different types of aerial, dance, and fitness. In this program, he had the opportunity to train with experts in their respective fields. His specializations are Aerial Sling and Aerial Hoop, but has also been formally trained in Rope, Flying Trapeze, Tissu, Single-Point/Static Trapeze, and Contortion.
Daniel started performing in nightlife with various cabaret shows at venues such as Oz New Orleans and The Slipper Room NYC. As his career progressed, he then began to perform in larger-scale shows at Universal Studios Orlando and Madison Square Garden. Having also done private events, corporate gigs, and competitions, he has acquired the versatility to perform in many different manners of production. When not performing, he travels around the country and world teaching workshops and private lessons.

This workshop focuses on maneuvering into the free space “above the loop”. Students will learn different ways to wrap and create shapes maintaining slack below them. We will cover different entrances into the free space as well as a variety of ways to exit.


Abraham McBride - Backflip Workshops

Abraham has been a parkour and freerunning coach and athlete for over 13 years. He has developed a systematic process for learning the standing backflip which is broken down into manageable steps, many of which can be practiced on your own. Students often come away from his classes and workshops having done things they never expected were possible. While safety is always the highest priority Abraham’s teaching style is fun and playful. You should expect to work hard and learn something new while feeling safe and supported in all of his workshops.


Backflip Fundamentals 6/29 @ 12-1:30pm
In this workshop Abraham will be covering basic strength, mobility, and drills to prepare you for backflips. This workshop will be the perfect introduction to the basic movements associated with the backflip. If you have ever been interested in learning to backflip this workshop is a must! In this workshop you will learn backflip related strength, mobility, and drills you can practice in your own time. You will also be prepared to take the Backflip Intensive Level 1 workshop in a few months when Abraham returns to SANCA for more workshops.


Backflip Intensive Level 1 6/29 @ 2-4pm
Have you always wanted to do a backflip, but never quite felt safe? Then this workshop is for you! In this intensive workshop Abraham will take you through how to do a standing backflip. Abraham has been teaching parkour, freerunning, acrobatics and more for over 10 years. The standing backflip will be broken down into safe, manageable steps, to ensure you feel comfortable with each drill and progression. The workshop will start with mobility, activations and drills, then participants will take turns working up to spotted backflips. Abraham teaches backflip using the two person spotting method. Participants can expect to complete assisted standing backflips by the end of the workshop and occasionally students complete unassisted backflips. The workshop is limited to eight spots to accommodate lots of specific work with each participant.

Workshops with Christine Morano

Christine Morano dancer, aerialist, and acrobat, has over a a decade and a half of professional performance experience ranging from experimental to corporate events, from intimate venues and unusual spaces to theaters across the world. She has been coaching aerial since 2009, is a freelance professional aerialist, and is the founder of MoDa Movement Co. She has performed in companies throughout the country such as Acrobatic Conundrum, Thom Lewis Dance Company,  Alchemy Dance Company, DanceFusion, Grounded Aerial, Green Chair Dance Group, Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance, Nickerson-Rossi Dance, Altitude Aerials, AJ Harper Dance Project, Brian Sanders’ JUNK and Almanac Dance Circus Theater.  She can be seen dancing in The David Mayfield Parade’s Human Cannonball music video with PINK HAIR AFFAIR and can be found in Bill Hayward’s book Chasing Dragons.  She has toured internationally as an aerialist and dancer for Greg Kennedy’s shows Spherus and Theorem.

Star Drop Add-Ons on Fabric – Sunday, July 7 @ 5:30-7:00pm
We will learn different launch positions at the top of a single star drop (can be used on multiple
star drop rotations with enough height) including dives, drop backs, shooflys/key overs, and back
balance launches. We will also cover drops and choreography within the lock created at the
bottom of the star drop, as well as learn different entrances into the star lock / seatbelt wrap.

Stretch! – Monday, July 8 @ 5:30-6:30pm
This workshop with focus primarily on hips and legs, but will also incorporate some side bends, twisting, and may include a few shoulder openers. We will work with both passive and active stretch exercises as well as some standing balance & stability drills while challenging our ranges of motion in our hips.
Rolling Basics on Rope – Wednesday, July 10 @ 6-7:30pm
This workshop covers slow rolling theory, drills on the ground with and without the rope, drills
on the rope, and building towards skills such as slow stars down, flag ole’, single coil roll up,
double coil roll up, and preps for hip key roll ups.

Workshops with Troy Lingelbach

Troy Lingelbach is a circus performance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Their multi-disciplinary work is an accumulation of over ten years of aerial training, a childhood spent in gymnastics, and a BFA in Musical Theatre from Marymount Manhattan College. Troy has honed a signature dynamic style in dance trapeze, aerial straps, silk, and lyra, while teaching generations of circus artists and sourcing coaching from artists around the globe. In NYC, Troy can be found regularly performing at Company XIV, The Box, The Stranger, and The House of Yes. Their work has also taken them to Canada, Mexico, The UK, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and across the US.

The Active, Segmented Spine
Thursday, August 8th @ 5:30pm
This workshop is for ALL bodies and levels, especially for humans who deal with low back pain! After pushing through chronic low back pain for the sake of performance for years, I took time off to consult movement specialists around the US to address the root cause of my problems. I want to share my discoveries with you so more people around the world backbend safely and confidently. This workshop aims to realign and re-shape the way we think about our spine and hip alignment, focusing more on strengthening drills than on “tricks” or contortion poses, and understanding the function of the three segments of our spines and how they can work together and separately for different skills. Every drill we attempt will have variations to make this accessible to all bodies.


After a brief warmup, half of this workshop will be dedicated to spin technique and theory. We will play with shapes accessible to all levels of students, then use our spins to break down flares, flares to straddle inversions, and single arm flares to nutcracker (respective to students’ levels). The second half of class will focus on dynamic sequences, understanding the active counterbalance between our lower and upper bodies.