Pledge a gift that makes a difference.

Circus inspires our imaginations through a unique combination of healthy physical arts, creative play, and performance. Your contributions support opportunities for everyone to experience the joy of circus – from children just learning to move and express themselves physically,  to professional performers creating exciting new works of art – none of us could do it without YOU. So we ask that you think of us this Giving Season and pledge a gift that will immediately make a difference.

Thank You for Your Gift of Support!
Your gift this year will help sustain the SANCA community through the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting safe circus classes that adhere to Public Health guidelines and Circus at Home online classes.

Your gift qualifies for a tax deduction under the CARES Act
Individuals can take a charitable deduction of up to $300 (and married couples up to $600), even if you do not itemize. If you do itemize deductions, cash contributions to qualified charities can be deducted up to 100% of your adjusted gross income for 2022. Please make sure to consult with your own financial advisor about how to file for this deduction.


You Can Also Mail a Check or Call with a Credit Card

SANCA’s 501(c)(3) Tax ID: 20-0300045

Make checks payable to:
674 S Orcas Street
Seattle, WA 98108

Phone: 206-652-4433