Covid-19 Policies

COVID-19 Policy

SANCA has announced a new COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy. It is updated and goes into effect as of August 26, 2022. The Policy is based on updated guidance and requirements from King County Public Health, the State of Washington, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

School for Acrobatics and New Circus Arts
COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy


SANCA is going above and beyond the recommendations of public health organizations to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and surrounding community. Below is our updated policy based on the most recent publications from King County Public Health, the State of Washington, and the CDC


Despite the State of Washington no longer mandating masks for indoor businesses, all persons who enter SANCA are required to wear masks that cover face and nose.

The only exceptions to this rule are as follows:

  • For staff and students, masks may be temporarily removed when drinking water.
  • For staff, masks may be temporarily removed when eating (students are not permitted to eat inside SANCA’s facility).
  • For staff when inside an enclosed room and isolated, masks may be temporarily removed.

Mask use is now optional for independent training during non-peak hours

  • This is only an option when social distancing is easily achieved. Peak hours are defined as 3-7 pm on weekdays and 10 am-4 pm on weekends.
    This policy is intended to create flexibility for artists to run through difficult acrobatic combinations/exercises or perform full-act run-throughs that are made more challenging and dangerous with mask wear. Masks are still required to be worn in classes, when entering/exiting and moving through the building, during warmups, and during high-volume hours. This policy is also dependent on the COVID community level remaining at Low per the King County online dashboard. It is effective as of Sunday, October 23, 2022. Questions can be directed to


  • Students and visitors to SANCA will be asked to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arrival at SANCA.
    • Proof of vaccination can be presented as:
      • A original COVID 19 vaccination card
      • A copy or photograph of the vaccination card on a mobile device
      • A print out of a Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form from the WA State Immunization Information System
      • Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination or QR Codes from,, or another WA State endorsed partner mobile app.
    • As an alternative to providing vaccine verification, prior to entry individuals over 12 must provide digital or printed documentation from a testing agent, including a laboratory, health care provider, or pharmacy of a negative FDA-approved PCR test administered within the previous 72 hours, or
    • If a PCR test cannot be acquired in advance of arrival, students will be asked to take an FDA approved rapid antigen test onsite under the supervision of a staff member. Students will not be allowed to join classes, workshops, or lessons until a negative result is obtained. If you plan to test onsite, please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your event to allow adequate time for testing.
  • SANCA also requires that its staff provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19. Exemptions may be permitted for religious and health reasons as appropriate when approved by Human Resources and/or the Executive Director.


  • We recommend all students remain socially distant when possible within SANCA.
  • Students and guests who are fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and/or have provided a negative test result prior to entering the building do not have to remain socially distant from others while participating in contact activities such as partner acrobatics, partner aerial, and catching in the fly tent.
  • In order to maintain social distance, coaches will minimize hands on spotting during classes. If a student would like additional support during maneuvers, please ask. Coaches are able to offer more hands-on support when requested, but will maintain social distancing otherwise.


  • Our existing waivers still address COVID-19 so students are advised to read them again to understand exposure reporting and other responsibilities.
  • According to the waiver, everyone who comes to SANCA represents they are in good health and have had no known exposure to COVID-19 and no symptoms of COVID-19 for 14 days prior to entering SANCA’s facility
    • If a student develops symptoms of COVID-19, they shall immediately cease entering SANCA’s facility and complete a COVID-19 PCR or molecular test.
      • If the PCR or molecular test is negative and they are not experiencing a fever, they may return to SANCA Immediately.
      • If the PCR or molecular test is positive, they must remain in isolation for 5 days. They may then return to SANCA as long as they are symptom free.
        • If symptoms persist after 5 days of isolation, the student must remain out until symptoms subside and they have been fever free for 24 hours.
        • Students do not need to retest after the stated isolation period, but should continue to mask and social distance when returning to activities (per CDC guidelines).
  • Direct Exposure (the individual was within 6 ft of an individual that tested positive for more than 15-minutes):
    • Anyone that has been in direct contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID 19 is to immediately monitor symptoms AND take a PCR/at-home/antigen/molecular test.
      • Immediate quarantine is no longer required as long as there are no symptoms and the individual tested negative. 
    • If an individual tests negative, they are welcome to immediately return to activities and be tested again at the five day mark after exposure.
    • If any symptoms are present, individuals may only return to activities if they are post-symptomatic and have received a negative test result.
    • If the test is positive, they must remain in isolation for 5 days. They may then return to SANCA as long as they are symptom free.
    • If symptoms persist after 5 days of isolation, the student must remain out until symptoms subside.
    • Students do not need to retest after the stated isolation period, but should continue to mask and social distance when returning to activities.
  • If an individual was directly exposed and has had COVID within 90 days: Watch for symptoms until 10 days after you last had close contact with someone with COVID-19.  If you develop symptoms, Isolate immediately and get tested. Continue to stay home until you know the results. Wear a well-fitting mask around others.
  • SANCA is following CDC guidelines for contact tracing. Students and staff who have been identified as exposed (having been within 6ft of an individual who tested positive of COVID-19 for 15 minutes or more) will be notified by email and phone.
    • If you receive notification that you have experienced an exposure, please follow the guidelines listed above regarding quarantining and testing.


  • Due to the ongoing risks associated with COVID-19 and the overall reduced facility size at SANCA, we do not currently have a viewing room. In general, parents, family, and guests of students are asked to wait outside of SANCA’s facilities during their student’s class.
  • Any parent who wishes to observe a class may do so by requesting access. Requests must be made through the SANCA Front Office at least 24 hours in advance of the class. To request access, please call (206) 652-4433 or email


  • Cleaning supplies are stocked and placed in designated, visible areas around SANCA. Signage accompanying the supplies provides instructions for which cleaning supplies can be used on each type of equipment. Staff members are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of equipment during and between classes. All mats and any equipment used during a class must be cleaned before being put away.


SANCA recognizes that our understanding of COVID-19 and recommended precautions regarding the virus may change rapidly. SANCA reserves the right to alter these policies as needed based on new information, whether regarding COVID-19 or other factors, with or without advance notice.


If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact Joe Hampson.


Masking and Vaccination Policies Update - 4/20/22

Dear SANCA Family,

It has been nearly a month since Governor Inslee lifted the vaccination verification mandate and mask rules.  In order to keep everyone up to date, we want to provide a reminder of our current policy.  For the safety of everyone, SANCA will continue with our current policies requiring students and staff to provide proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test and to wear masks while inside the building.  The health of our entire SANCA family is of the utmost importance and we will continue to monitor the trends and recommendations of the state and local leaders in health moving forward, but for the time being our current policy will remain in place.

We feel it is imperative to reiterate that SANCA’s mission is to improve the mental, emotional, and physical health of children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities by engaging them in the joyous creativity of acrobatics and circus arts. This means many of our students and community members fall into age or health categories that leave them at heightened risk of COVID-19.  In an effort to protect the health and well-being of our students and staff, we ask that you continue to wear your mask when onsite and be prepared to show proof of vaccination or a negative test when entering the building.

We want to thank everyone for their cooperation, patience, and understanding as we stay committed to providing in person activities in the safest possible manner.  For anyone with limited access to vaccination, testing and mask resources, please feel free to reach out to us for support, we are here to help in any way we can to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate, and do it safely.

We will continue to provide updates on a regular basis and welcome your input as we navigate and adapt to the changing public health landscape.

Thank you!

Joe Hampson
Executive Director