New Classes in Fall Session

For Fall 2021, SANCA is expanding with new classes and some returning favorites that haven’t been around since before the pandemic. Come explore and grow with us!

Intro to Unicycle, Thursdays 5:30pm

Who needs two wheels when you can ride around on one? Unicycle coaches will tailor their instruction to the skill level of each student, ensuring maximum individual progress. This class will help beginners gain the body control and muscle memory they need to ride a unicycle. This class will add to the intermediate/advanced student’s preexisting skills, refine their technique, and provide instruction for more intricate tricks. With Coach Julaine. Click to register.

Dance Improvisation, Wednesdays 7:30pm

Circus is a movement-based art form where, often, music is used to enhance performances and telling stories. To help with the development of an individual’s story and style, we offer a dance class. This class will be based on African diasporic dance forms. As we progress, you will be encouraged to incorporate your own musical taste and individuality with your movement. Ultimately, we hope this class will help with finding how you express yourself with movement and music and how you can use that in group or solo work. With Coach Tania. Click to register.

Jazz Dance, Fridays 7:00pm

Jazz Dance is a performance dance style with roots in African-American styles that arose with Jazz music. It has since been adopted in Western culture to incorporate elements of Ballet and Musical Theatre. In this class, we will investigate the fundamentals of Jazz movement and build sequences based on this classic dance style. This beginner level class is great for beginners to learn new moves and for advanced practitioners to work on technique and precision. This class is designed to be a fun and active way for all dance enthusiasts to get moving! With Coach Laura. Click to register.

Youth Tricking, Sundays 3:00pm or Thursdays 6:30pm

Foundational introduction to tricking takeoffs, set-ups, and shape variations for both vertical (upright) and inverted acrobatic tricks. Students will use the sprung floor, tumble track, and mats to practice the skill appropriate kicking, flipping, and twisting acrobatic tricks and combinations. With Coach Jared. Click to register for Sunday or click to register for Thursday.

Also check out Adult Tricking, Thursdays 7:30pm.

Adult Circus Intensive, Tuesdays 6:00pm

A 2-hour long version of Adult Circus in which we will dive deeper into each circus skill, allowing more opportunity to progress. Instruction will adapt to each student’s skill level to ensure everyone is challenged and learning. With Coach Velibor. Click to register.

Flying Trapeze Conditioning, Fridays 6:00pm

This class is designed to increase the strength of our Flying Trapeze students! Join Coach Lukas for an hour of strength training, combining body-weight and weight-based exercises, to take your flying to higher heights! Click to register.

Flying Trapeze Swing Intensive, Fridays 5:00pm

Are you ready to take your swing to higher heights? Join coaches Lukas and Paul as they break down the mechanics and physics in order to help students understand the ways to increase the efficiency of their flying trapeze swing. Click to register.

Pay Per Flight, Fridays 6:00pm

Kick your weekend off with our Pay-Per-Flight Friday Night! This is a great way to try flying trapeze for the first time or have some additional time each week to practice your skills. The $10 registration fee covers your first turn on the flying trapeze and each additional turn you take is an additional $5. Advanced registration for each participant is required because space is limited each week. Click to register.

Circus Buddies – Classes for Ages 2-3 Years Old

Circus Buddies is for our youngest students and their favorite grownups! Students will participate with an adult in this class to focus on physical, behavioral, and social development. Our Circus Buddies class is designed to help increase sense of balance, coordination, physical awareness and spatial orientation all while acclimating our students to following directions and participating in a group environment.

Click to register: Mondays at 11:00am
Click to register: Wednesdays at 11:00am

Kid Circus – Classes for Ages 4-5 Years Old

Kid Circus 1 is a general circus class that allows those ages 4-5 to try all that circus has to offer! Students will focus on building their sense of balance, coordination, physical awareness, and spatial orientation in conjunction with developing mental acuity and problem-solving skills. SANCA’s general circus classes start with a warm-up and then move on to working on age-appropriate circus skills in a few disciplines per week, including trampoline, tumbling, static trapeze, aerial rope, tightwire, aerial fabric, rolling globe, juggling, and more. Students will develop physical skills, increase confidence, and build self-esteem while having fun.

Click to register: Mondays at 11:00am
Click to register: Wednesdays at 11:00am

And that’s not all! There are so many other new and exciting classes at SANCA this fall. A new Lyra Jam, Trampoline Jam, Juggling, and much more. Check out our full listing of classes here.

After School Circus Club

After School Circus Club is a fantastic opportunity for children aged 6 to 12 to get their social interaction & physical activity immediately after school. Every weekday afternoon, Monday through Thursday, starts with some group games and activities. Students will then explore a rotation of different circus activities, including: tumbling, trampoline, aerial arts, juggling, tightwire, and more!

It’s like camp for the afternoon!

Circus Club is scheduled 3:30pm-5:00pm Monday through Thursday each week. If you can’t get here right at 3:30, don’t worry! Your student will be welcome when you can arrive.

Here are the links to register for each of the Circus Club days:


We are updating our mask policy

Dear SANCA Family:

We are updating our mask policy as of August 12, 2021, with the following:

All persons who enter SANCA are required to wear masks that cover face and nose.

The only exceptions to this rule are as follows:

  1.   For staff and students, masks may be temporarily removed when drinking water.
  2. For staff, masks may be temporarily removed when eating (students are not permitted to eat inside SANCA’s facility).
  3. For staff when inside an enclosed room and isolated, masks may be temporarily removed.
John ‘JT’ Tannous
Executive Director, SANCA

Hiring – Administrative Assistant

SANCA is hiring

Administrative Assistant
School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts
Reports to: Director of Student Services
Description: The Administrative Assistant (AA) is a member of the Office Staff and responsible for providing
administrative and office support to the Office Manager. The AA position is currently part-time and hours will
fluctuate depending on specific events occurring within the organization. Hours currently estimated at 15-20 hours per
week with the majority of hours falling on Saturday and Sunday.
Job Duties and Responsibilities:
– Responsible for daily office operations and must be knowledgeable about SANCA’s programs and policies
– Interacts with students, parents, vendors and visitors and show new students/families around the gym
– Responsible for answering phone, voice mail, and email inquiries about SANCA and transfer to appropriate
staff member when necessary
– Responsible for registering students for classes and/or assisting students to register themselves
– Open, sort and distribute incoming correspondence, including faxes and email; sign for and distribute UPS/
FedEx or similarly delivered packages.
– Perform general clerical duties to include, but not limited to, data entry, copying, faxing, mailing and filing.
– Create and modify documents using word processing, spreadsheet, database and/or other presentation software
– Help maintain inventory of office equipment and supplies
– May supervise volunteers and other support personnel
– Assist with special events, such as fundraising activities and productions
– Assist with overall maintenance of the organization and its offices
– Maintain student database
– Attendance: Record attendance during check-in, Follow-up with no-shows
– Inform students/families who are ready to advance
– Flying Trapeze Registration: Communicate with FT Director regarding changes/updates, Manage class closures
– Various projects and tasks as assigned
The ideal candidate would have the
– Ability to operate standard office equipment, including but not limited to, computers, telephone systems,
calculators, copiers and facsimile machines.
– Good writing, analytical and problem-solving skills.
– Knowledge of principles & practices of organization, planning, records management & general administration.
– Ability to communicate effectively and professionally
– Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
– Ability to work well alone and as part of a team
-Familiarity with Google Suite
SANCA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Previous administrative experience preferred.
Compensation: $18/hr
To apply, a resume and cover letter should be sent to

Meet The Sidekick: Mick Holsbeke

Every professor needs a reliable research assistant! Lucky for us Mick Holsbeke has stepped up to assist our dear Dr. Phalenopsis on his latest adventure!

As the Associate Producer of EnJoy Productions, Mick is no stranger to zany exploits. Mick is a world-renown clown with a ravenous appetite for the ridiculous. His unique perspective on clowning, exuberant physical acting, and circus expertise were developed at the prestigious École Nationale de Cirque de Montréal and, later, at the Hangar des Mines (with Michel Dallaire) in France.

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MENU – Blossom, A Circus Odyssey

Blossom: A Circus Odyssey

Table-side Cocktail Hour:

Northwest Grazing Board
Assorted European cheeses
Rosettes of house-cured meats
Seasonal fresh fruit
Vanilla-chipotle spice pecans
Herb marinated olives
Housemade tapenades
Pike Place Market pickled vegetables
and rosemary cracker bread
Elegant Summer Dinner:
First Course
-Savory Melon Gazpacho Soup, Lemongrass Poached Prawns and Candied Jalapeños
Second Course
-Black pepper and thyme crusted chicken breast + Pike Place Market vegetables + polenta corn cakes
-creamy rosemary polenta with Sicilian eggplant caponata with golden raisins and toasted pine nuts (Vegan, Gluten Free) + warm quinoa salad with shaved Brussel sprouts, spiced chickpeas, dried cranberries and apples + Pike Place Market vegetables
Dessert (pre-set)
Sweet Dreams Tidbit Box
(take home or enjoy at show)
-Handcrafted French Macaroons
-Triple Chocolate Truffles
-Coconut Haystacks


 Tickets are on sale now


Up With A Twist – BLOSSOM, A Circus Odyssey. August 28th, 2021

Meet your Emcee and guide for the evening, Kevin Joyce. For many, Kevin is a familiar face. As the Producing Director of EnJoy Productions, Kevin has been bring his own unique style to Seattle stages for years!

As the adventurous Dr. Eugenio Phalenopsis, he’ll take you on the journey of a lifetime. Stay in step with him and you’re sure to find yourself in a whole new world teeming with undiscovered flora and unexpected surprises. And we’re certain there’ll be plenty of laughs and heartwarming moments along the way.

Tickets on sale NOW


Hello SANCA Family!

Our annual Gala fundraiser and circus show, Up With a Twist, is only a few weeks away! We’ve kept our noses to the grindstone to make this one of our best shows to date, so we hope you’ll come out to see our Youth Companies and Guest Artists’ hard work in action! Tickets are on sale now. We encourage you to buy your tickets early to lock in the best price since ticket prices will go up on August 13!

Up With a Twist is always a good time, but it’s so much more than that! The event raises funds to support SANCA’s work and this year that support is needed more than ever! Our Social Circus programs were suspended due to the pandemic, so much of the funds raised this year will go to rebuilding those programs, which provide circus to typically underserved populations. Our Social Circus programs include Every Body’s Circus (EBC) for students with physical, mental, and emotional challenges; the new BIPOC Youth Scholarship which aims to increase diversity and inclusion in the circus arts; our outreach programs which allow us to share the joy of circus outside the confines of our building; and more. Can we count on your support?

Every ticket sold helps to keep SANCA thriving and introducing new generations to the beauty and creativity of circus. Are you capable of purchasing a table, but fear you’ll have more seats then you need? Consider sponsoring a table to host SANCA coaches and families of performers who may not be able to attend otherwise. You purchase the table and we’ll fill your remaining seats with fun and lively company! Click this link to purchase a table (or two!). After you complete your purchase, our team will reach out to you to ask for names of guests, and you can reply that you’d like to host coaches and performer families for some or all of your seats. Want to help, but unable to attend the event in person or sponsor a table? Please consider giving a gift of support via our online portal.

We’re ready to take you on a wild ride through the deepest corners of the jungle! Come out and enjoy a good meal, a dazzling show, and the joy of supporting a worthy cause! Grab your tickets now before prices increase on August 13th!

Hiring – Recreational Circus Coach

SANCA is hiring 
Recreational Circus Coach 
School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts 
Reports to: Tom Hanna, Program Director 
Description: A circus coach is responsible for instructing students ages 6-99 in the  joys of circus arts. Recreational Circus classes  at SANCA are usually offered on a session basis with Summer session typically including single-serving classes. The number of students in each class depends on the  ages and level of the class, the average is 6 students. We are looking for someone who has a passion for empowering students, who can easily adapt when plans go awry, and who can act as a positive role model for the students. This is a part time position offering up to 25 hours each week and has a pay range of $19 – $25 per hour.
Job Duties and Responsibilities: 
– Adhere to SANCA’s policies, objectives and rules 
– Support SANCA’s Mission and Vision 
– Coach circus classes with an emphasis on safety, positivity, and small steps to success. 
– Follow the curriculum and weekly rotation 
– Present a high level of professionalism as a teacher/representative of SANCA 
– Prepare for each day’s classes before teaching begins 
– Communicate with other coaches teaching at the same time as you to maintain good flow throughout the  gym and rotation of use of equipment 
– Participate in SANCA staff training 
– Communicate with the supervisor about needs, challenges, student progress
 – Communicate with other coaches about the lesson plans, curriculum, classroom rules 
The ideal candidate would 
– Have a year experience working with culturally diverse youth 
– Have two years of experience teaching youth 
– Have good classroom management skills 
– Have a working knowledge of child physical and cognitive development 
– Have a broad knowledge of circus skills and safe progressions (especially, tumbling, acro, juggling, tightwire,  rolling globe, trapeze, trampoline) 
– Be a strong leader, patience, mature, and dependable 
– Have First Aid/CPR certification 
Minimum requirements are: 
– A year experience working with youth 
– Working knowledge of circus skills 
– Pass a background check 
– Patience and ability to deal with stressful situations 
If interested, please send a resume and cover letter to

Updated COVID-19 Policy

Dear SANCA Family:

We are updating our mask policy as of August 12, 2021, with the following:

All persons who enter SANCA are required to wear masks that cover face and nose.

The only exceptions to this rule are as follows:

  1.   For staff and students, masks may be temporarily removed when drinking water.
  2. For staff, masks may be temporarily removed when eating (students are not permitted to eat inside SANCA’s facility).
  3. For staff when inside an enclosed room and isolated, masks may be temporarily removed.
John ‘JT’ Tannous
Executive Director, SANCA

SANCA’s COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy effective July 6, 2021 remains active. (see below for more details)

SANCA has announced a new COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy. It is updated and goes into effect as of July 6, 2021. The Policy is based on updated guidance and requirements from King County Public Health and the State of Washington.

The policy can be seen below, or you can view a PDF version.

School for Acrobatics and New Circus Arts
COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy

This policy goes into effect July 6, 2021


To ensure the safety of our students, staff, and surrounding community, and in consideration of public health, SANCA will adhere to a new policy in regards to masks, vaccines, and social distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19. The State of Washington now allows businesses to lift restrictions on masks and social distancing as long as certain conditions are met.


It is important to consider and understand SANCA’s operating environment before setting a policy of this nature. State of Washington guidelines for K-12 schools are different than other businesses, but SANCA is not a K-12 school. While some of SANCA’s students are under the age of 12 and unable to be vaccinated, those students are a minority of SANCA’s total student population. Most students under the age of 12 are kept socially distant – far more than 6 feet apart – from students in other classes. The CDC defines exposure risk as spending 15 minutes or more in close proximity to another individual; this only applies to students and coaches who are in the same class together.

For this reason, it is not appropriate for SANCA to follow the state guidance for K-12 schools nor the state guidance for other businesses. SANCA will instead follow a hybrid policy that incorporates aspects of both.


  1. Students and guests who are fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus may attend classes and be present inside SANCA’s facilities without wearing a mask. See item 4 below for an exception to this policy.
  2. Students who are not vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and students under the age of 12 must wear a mask when present inside SANCA’s facilities. These students may only remove their masks when drinking water or when going outside.
  3. SANCA employees and volunteers must wear masks while indoors during work hours. Exceptions include during breaks to drink and eat and when working in a room alone.
  4. When camps are occurring at SANCA 9am-3pm, everyone in the facility must wear masks. This includes fully vaccinated students who wish to train to take a private lesson during camp time. During 2021, camps are held Mondays-Fridays during the following dates:
    • June 21 – September 3
    • November 22-24
    • December 20-23
    • December 27-30
  5. SANCA employees who are not actively working often attend classes as students or spend time “off the clock” training in SANCA’s facilities. During these times, they are treated the same as students in items 1 and 2 above.


  1. Students and guests who are fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus do not have to remain socially distant from others while in SANCA’s facilities. This allows students to participate in partner acrobatics, catching in the fly tent, and other contact activities.
  2. All others – unvaccinated students, students under the age of 12, and guests as well as SANCA employees – must remain socially distant from others according to public health guidelines.
  3. SANCA staff who wish to do catching in the fly tent may register their vaccination status with Human Resources in order to be approved for an exception to social distancing.


  1. Our existing waivers still address COVID-19 so students are advised to read them again to understand exposure reporting and other responsibilities.
  2. According to the waiver, everyone who comes to SANCA represents they are in good health and have had no known exposure to COVID-19 and no symptoms of COVID-19 for 14 days prior to entering SANCA’s facility.
  3. Also according to the waiver, if an individual believes they have had any exposure to COVID-19, they shall immediately cease entering SANCA’s facility until they can again warrant that they have had no known exposure for the 14 day period, and shall alert SANCA’s Front Office if they have been on the premises since their exposure.


  1. SANCA will not track or ask for the vaccination status of any student, parent, or guest who enters the facility. We ask patrons to be honest and please wear a mask and remain socially distant if they have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.
  2. SANCA will not track, ask for, or require reporting on the vaccination status of its employees. SANCA employees are permitted to voluntarily report their vaccination status if they so choose, and/or if they will to participate in catching in the fly tent.


  1. Due to the ongoing risks associated with COVID and the overall reduced facility size at SANCA, there will be no parent viewing room. In general, parents, family, and guests of students are asked to wait outside of SANCA’s facilities during their student’s class.
  2. Any parent who wishes to observe a class may do so by requesting access. Requests must be made through the SANCA Front Office at least 24 hours in advance of the class. To request access, please call (206) 652-4433 or email


  1. Cleaning and disinfecting equipment: SANCA staff and students are no longer required to clean equipment immediately after each use. SANCA’s facility team will establish a new procedure for cleaning and disinfecting equipment that is in alignment with State of Washington and CDC recommendations. Coaches and students are permitted to clean equipment before and after use according to their level of comfort.
  2. Temperature and symptom checks: SANCA staff will no longer check the body temperature of individuals entering the building, nor will they ask individuals if they have symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19.


SANCA also recognizes that the science behind COVID-19 may change rapidly as has been evident over the past 16 months. SANCA reserves the right to alter these policies as needed based on new information, whether regarding COVID-19 or other factors, with or without advance notice.


If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact John Tannous.